baptismWhile I am very much a work in progress who is, I pray, constantly being molded and shaped by Jesus Christ, here are a few things about me.

I am:

…a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

…A born-and-raised native of Atlanta, Georgia.

…An only child of a wonderful family.

Running…A diehard college basketball fan, particularly when the Davidson Wildcats or Carolina Tar Heels are playing…or when any team is playing during the Madness of March.

…A caffeine addict, especially of the Starbuck’s variety and most especially when shared over conversation with new or old friends

.…An endurance runner. I have completed twenty half marathons and six full marathons. In addition, I serve as a volunteer Run Lead with the Atlanta Track Club.

…An aficionado of good food. While we love to try new restaurants, my husband and I also love to cook at home together. (He’s a better cook than I am.)

…A globe trotter. I enjoy traveling and seeing what Jesus is doing around the world. I also love traveling to visit family – “The River” and “The Farm” are two of my favorite vacation spots.

…A partner in mission. I’ve had the privilege of joining in Christ’s mission in various places, from Rise Against Hunger and Family Promise, to hurricane relief work in North Carolina and Louisiana, to global missions in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Kenya. I look forward to seeing where the Spirit leads me next.

…One (of the two) “favorite humans” of two fun-loving cats.

…More importantly, a beloved and loving wife of my husband James for thirteen years.

…Most importantly, a beloved child of God and disciple of Jesus Christ.

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"In life, it's not about what you do; it's about what you see – out of which you do." – Father Tom

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